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the right people for training & job

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When recruiting for our training programs, we support the partner organization, community or conservancy in identifying the most suitable participants for our training programs.


The sponsors have all reasons to expect that only fully motivated and ideally suited applicants, male and female, take part in the AP4D's high-quality training programs. In this way we can ensure that the graduates can later make a significant contribution to nature and wild animal protection in the field.

Recruitment is divided into:

- Discussions with the partner organization, conservancy or community about the applicants they can recommend for the training courses.
- Evaluation of written applications for participation in the AP4D courses
- face to face interviews and oral tests with the applicants selected after assessing their CV
- physical fitness test (for applicants for WP ranger courses)

Team work

All of these steps take place in close cooperation with the partner organization, conservancy or community for which the courses are being carried out. 

Only for courses for government agencies, such as police and nature conservation officers, do we leave it to the relevant superiors to select the course participants.


Our participation requirements are determined by us depending on the type of course and are sufficiently discussed with the partner organization.

In addition to the necessary requirements for school performance, language and communication skills, cognitive abilities, physical fitness etc, we test applicants very carefully in terms of their seriousness,  integrity and good reputation. In addition, we expect applicants to have a high personal interest in nature and wild animal protection and that this motivation will drive them to the best possible performance in the training courses and beyond.

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