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Wildlife Protection
office management


"No success without the office"

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With the WP Office Management Courses, AP4D closes the gap between wildlife protection duties, which have to be carried out almost exclusively out in the field, and the management and administrative work necessary to lead, organize, structure and manage the field operations from an office. - These AP4D courses are essential for the smooth work of a wildlife protection team.

In addition to these duties, these specially trained office managers also have an important role as a communication base / control room and for maintaining connections between the field rangers and the police, ministries, suppliers or medical facilities.


In order to fulfill these tasks well, the WP office manager must have excellent communication skills, good knowledge of general administrative and secretarial work, as well as precise theoretical knowledge of the working methods, job descriptions and strategies of practical wildlife protection work in the field.

In collaboration with the WP team commander in the field, the WP office manager leads the operation. He or she carry out supervisory functions over the rangers deployed in the field and support and equip them with everything they need. - For this leader function, good leadership skills but above all team spirit and good empathy for the hard work of the WP rangers are necessary.


In order to effectively support law enforcement work, the WP office manager needs knowledge, for example, of writing reports and statements that can be used by the police or in court. In general, he or she particularly need excellent knowledge of all legal aspects that affect wildlife protection work.

Certain aspects of human resourses management as well as basic book keeping also fall under their wide range of tasks.


Since WP office managers also act as a liaison to medical doctors and hospitals in the event of injuries in the field, or may even have to assist in first aid for WP personnel at the office, first aid training is also important for them.


The role of a WP office manager is crucial to the success of a wildlife protection operation and, in particular, offers African women the opportunity to put their talents and energy at the service of nature conservation.

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