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Thank you to all our donors and sponsors for supporting nature conservation and rural development with us. - Beside many other occasional donors, our permanent sponsors and supporters are:
1. Ondjou Wilderness Reserve / Kunene Region / Namibia
The private Ondjou Wilderness Reserve in the Kunene region is owner of all infrastructure, training facilities, and, last but not least, the training ground, which it genereously provides for the R4D at greatly reduced costs.
Only with the help of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve can such ideal training conditions and comfortable accommodation be offered to students at such low cost. Ondjou is also owner of the vehicles used for the courses, does deliver the training equipment and, most important, its owner has the training expertise which it genereously provides for the R4D at greatly reduced costs.
Only with the help of the Ondjou Wilderness Reserve we can offer high-quality training courses to our students at such low cost.  
2. Living-with-Elephants E.v. (LEF, Germany) 
The Germany-based Living-with-Elephants Fund (LEF) is a registered trust fund based in Cologne/Germany, which runs wildlife conservation and social projects in Namibia through donation campaigns.
In Namibia, the LEF is represented by its member Marko G., who is also head of the R4D.The LEF made it a priority to continuously support an educational project in a remote Namibian wilderness area to create employment opportunities for young and talented people in the nature conservation sector. Preference is given to applicants who come from rural communities where people “live with elephants" and other conflict species.
This initiative can significantly reduce the human-elephant / human-wildlife conflicts. Through the support of the educational programs of the R4D project by LEF, we can create jobs and thereby income linked to wild animals, such as elephants.
The resulting work and business opportunities also reduce the dependency on livestock income and raise awareness of the economic benefits of "conflict animals " such as elephants, thereby reducing the existing conflicts between humans and elephants. The LEF is also continuously providing significant assistance in reducing human-wildlife conflicts by developing waterholes for conflict elephants in the Kunene region.
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