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Project Manager

& Chief Instructor

Marko G. is project manager of the AP4D and chief instructor in our Ranger courses

Marko G. has more than 30 years of professional experience in the African wilderness and in the national and international security industry, - as an operator, instructor and head of operations. This includes armed response, close protection and anti-poaching services.

He is a lisenced Namibian professional hunter since 1997 and an experienced wilderness guide and wildlife protection ranger with his own wildlife reserve in the Kunene region (where he  - unfortuantly - also has to protect wildlife against poachers).

With his vast operational experiences in the African wild and in all aspects of the ranger profession, anti poaching and security, he worked as an instructor for numerous students in a period of over 20 years, including former and active members of the Namibian Defense Force and Namibian Police Force.


Additionally, he holds a Master degree in geology.


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