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wildlife protection


Training Courses

A well-trained Wildlife Protection (anti-poaching) Ranger is of enormous and increasing importance for the conservation of African wildlife.

In addition to the destruction of the habitat, poaching is the main cause of the extinction of wild animals, not only of rhinos and elephants, but also of all other species of wildlife which are poached due to the commercial value of their meat. This bushmeat poaching already extinguished the wildlife in large parts of Africa, with immeasurable damage to the natural heritage of humanity, tourism, sustainable trophy hunting and game meat production.

types of courses

The AP4D offers two different lines of courses depending on the specialisation of the WP officer:

1. For "everybody":

    Wildlife Protection Scout (WP Scout)

The WP Scout is a ranger who is specialized in the recconnaissance of large wilderness areas on the search for poachers and traces of poaching. He is to detect poachers and secure evidence but is not trained to arrest violent and well armed poachers. He is still very valuable in the fight against poaching, especially if it occurs in less violent forms, and in closely cooperating with the Wildlife Protection-Law Enforcement Ranger. - Due to health & safety reasons, WP Scouts must neverthessless be well trained in First Aid and Self-Defense.

2. For NAMPOL, NDF and MET Officers:

    Anti-Poaching Law enforcement Officer (AP-LE Officer)

The Anti-Poaching Law Enforcement (AP-LE) Officer is an WP Ranger who is both a WP Scout as well as a law enforcement officer. Additionally to the functions of the Scout, the AP-LE officer specializes in the arresting of poachers, even if they are armed and potentially violent. The AP-LE Officer can immensely benefit from the intelligence provided by Willife Protection Scouts. - The AP-LE officers are usually NAMPOL, NDF or MET officers. This is why we reserve the AP-LE courses and scholarships mainly for members of the Namibian police or the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET).

Therefore, our Wildlife Protection courses are structured as follows (in the order of a rising qualification):

1. Wildlife Protection Scout

14 Days Course

2. Anti Poaching Law Enforcement Officer

14 Days Course (can be visited after completion of course 1)

3. Wildlife Protection Ranger

20 Days Course (Combined WP Scout & Anti Poaching Law Enforcement Officer)


Each student receives a participation certificate. But only the students who have passed the course with a minimum of 60% receive a graduation certificate. In addition, each graduate receives a letter of recommendation to improve the chances of employment.


The AP4D will also do its utmost to support the successful graduate in the job search.

Course fees

If the applicant qualifies for a full scholarship, the training courses are FREE OF CHARGE. - Read more under the link: Scholarships

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